Adishila offers professional typesetting and proof-reading services to clients all over the world. Our extensive network of traditional Sanskrit scholars help us ensure high standards in proof-reading.
 Adishila also offers professional printing and service activities related to printing.
The foregoing services are primarily offered for Sanskrit and Hindi books. The text may, however, contain English.

The honarary director is Sri Suvidyendra Tirtha Swamiji who is the 54th successor of Sri Madhavacharya.

Sri Suvidyendra Tirtha Swamiji


Adishila should be everyone’s first choice for Sanskrit texts. It is a beautiful and accurate reproduction of the classic typeface used by the Nirnaya Sagara Press, and it includes the largest set of conjunct characters of any Devanagari font that I know of.

Andrew Ollett, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor – 2019, The University of Chicago
Dear Krishnaprasad Ji,
First I want to congratulate you and your font designer team for completing your hard work in producing a final version of five sets of Adishila Devanagari fonts.  I have eagerly opened and tested these different versions of Adishila fonts [Adishila Dev, Adishila letterpress, Adishila Samskrta, Adishila San and Adishila San letterpress]. I was myself involved in designing Devanagari and Diacritic Roman fonts for Sanskrit since the early 1980s and I know how much painstaking work is needed to reach the proper shape for each character.  Your fonts have succeeded in reproducing the proper shapes of Devanagari characters that were visible in the publications of the famous Nirnaya Sagara Press of Mumbai and Vani Vilas Press of Sri Rangam.  Both of these type-styles produced hundreds of Sanskrit publications that were pleasant to read.  Now with the fonts you have provided, scholars should be able to produce equally pleasant looking Devanagari materials for publication.  I also express my deep appreciation for your decision to make these fonts available free of charge. The world of Sanskrit scholarship is deeply indebted to you for this very generous act.
Madhav M. Deshpande
Professor Emeritus, Sanskrit and Linguistics University of Michigan,
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Senior Fellow, Oxford Center for Hindu Studies

Discerning scholars of Sanskrit have long admired the famous fonts that were used in the golden age of the Nirnayasagara Press to print the greatest nineteenth and twentieth-century editions of the classics.  Thanks to Krishnaprasad, this classic design is available again for use on personal computers.  A wide range of weights and styles offer everything one could wish for to print or publish texts in the classic style.  The fonts are distributed free of charge, a magnificent contribution to Sanskrit scholars everywhere.

Prof. Dominik Wujastyk,
Singhmar Chair of Classical Indian Society and Polity,
University of Alberta

Sri Krishnaprasad has rendered a yeoman service to Sanskrit by designing beautiful fonts that bring to mind the enchanting typefaces developed by the far-famed Nirnayasagar Press and Vani Vilas Press. He is also engaged in the digitisation of Sanskrit texts across wide-ranging disciplines. His resources are invaluable in the context of Sanskrit embracing the digital platform. That he has offered these gifts free of cost speaks volumes of his largeheartedness. I admire his integrity and commitment, and wish him the best.

Shatavadhani  Sri R Ganesh


  • Sample of Sri Gitabhashya of Sri Madhvacharya with three commentaries and six super commentaries. For download click here Gitabhashya.pdf 
  • Sample of Sri Vishnusahasranama. For download click here Vishnusahasranama.pdf

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